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Travelling with a mobile

Calls Abroad

In most cases you pay much less for receiving calls in roaming than for placing calls. By using the Amivox callback you can save significantly on your roaming calls.

Data Abroad

Need to access your email or remain active on your social media, getting a local SIM can save you a lot.  Your Amivox account will work well with a local SIM.  Check out where Amivox can provide you with a local SIM.  

Receive Your Calls on a Local Phone

If you are abroad for a period of time you should try to avoid receiving calls in roaming. In this case Amivox can bridge your incoming calls over to your temporary local phone number. The local number can be any number and even a landline phone.

How to Use 

Use the information below to find your most suitable service.

Making Calls with Amivox

Amivox offers callback calls. Usually your mobile operator charges you less for receiving calls in roaming than for placing calls. Check with your own service provider. You can then pay your mobile operator for the incoming call and then you simply add Amivox’s cost.   With only few exceptions the total sum is much lower than if you make a call without using Amivox.

Local phones

Amivox can bridge your outgoing and incoming calls to any phone in the world. This way you can avoid roaming charges when traveling or staying abroad. Use your hotel phone, a local SIM, or any other local phone accessible to you.

Softphone  ( Voice Over IP)

When you have access to free data you can use your Softphone with your Amivox account and make calls at the lowest rates. Beware of using wireless mobile data and never use a Softphone over mobile data while in roaming. 

Before going abroad

You should inform yourself about the roaming rates you will be facing from your operator. The cost of communicating is typically much higher than what you are accustomed to back home. You will also be charged for receiving calls (whereas in most countries you don’t pay for receiving calls at home). Accessing data from your mobile is much more expensive than what you are accustomed to at home and the same applies for messaging.